Canelo Alvarez defeated by KO Sergei Kovalev and won the WBO belt in the semi-heavy category


The two boxers fought with caution for a long time from the match, to the dissatisfaction of the spectators, who sometimes escaped them. Kovalev kept his rival away with his superior along, while Alvarez waited patiently and looked for the decisive shot. The Mexican hit a lot to the body, before sending his opponent to the floor with a combination of crosses, first from the left, with which he crossed the defense of Russian and then right, decisively, in the middle of the eleventh.

With this success, Alvarez has become a world champion in four different categories. To fight the demigod, he went up to two categories.

Canelo Alvarez, 29, has also won the WBC and WBO World Champion titles, in the semi-middleweight, WBC, WBA, and IBF, in the middle and WBA, in the middle. He reached 53 career victories, of which 36 by KO, one defeat and two undefeated matches.

Sergei Kovalev, 36, has 34 wins, of which 29 by KO, four defeats and one draw.


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