Breaking News: Gheorghe Dinca murdered Alexandra on Thursday


Gheorghe Dinca murdered Alexandra on Thursday at around 12.00 after he caught her with the phone and then burned it, DIICOT announced on Sunday evening. There are indications that the man acted similarly to Luiza.”The extension of the criminal action against the defendant Dinca Gheorghe and the perpetrator of the crime of murder was ordered, consisting in the fact that on July 25, 2019, at about 12 o’clock, at his home in Caracal, he would have killed the minor in aged 15 who had previously been kidnapped for sexual exploitation, had seized her at home and had violated her. There are the constituent elements of the juvenile trafficking offense, namely the recruitment, transportation and shelter of the juvenile, coercion, kidnapping, and taking advantage of its impossibility to defend itself, given its apparent vulnerability. Please bear in mind that a defendant is a person with a massive physical constitution in front of which a 15-year-old minor had virtually no chance of defending himself, all for the purpose of his sexual exploitation, “Giorgiana Hosu, prosecutor Deputy Head of DIICOT.

“Following the search at the defendant Dinca Gheorghe’s home, in the ashes in a metal barrel, several fragments of calcined bones and teeth of human nature were identified by sifting. Along these fragments were found three rings, one chain, two other pieces of chain, a rectangular piece of metal, and a piece similar to a ring mount, which had burn marks. In the defendant’s car, an earring was also found. These jewels were recognized by the minor’s mother as belonging to her daughter. This evening, the Romanian National Criminal Investigation Institute sent the report on partial legal expertise, which shows that both the genetic profile of the victim and the defendant were identified at the crime scene. At the hearings, the defendant admitted that he had killed the victim on July 25, 2019, around 12:00, at his home and later incinerated his body. The defendant said he had assaulted her, suppressing her life when she caught her with the phone in her hand, “said the DIICOT Deputy Chief Prosecutor.

Giorgiana Hosu also said there were indications that the man acted similarly in the case of missing teenagers in April.
“With regard to the second victim, there are indications that the defendant has committed the same kind of offense and is going to provide details at the hearings resumed by my colleagues now at 20:00. I emphasize the joint effort of prosecutors and police officers, which was an important one in establishing judicial truth, “she said.
Hosu said that at this point there is no information that there are other victims.
On Sunday, Gheorghe Dincă, arrested in the case of the disappearance of the 15-year-old girl from Olt, admitted that he had killed her, as well as her 18-year-old teenage girl since April.


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