Boris Johnson wants an extension of the Brexit deadline in Brussels


Tusk said he would consult with the heads of the other 27 EU Member States on the response to be provided by the United Kingdom.

“The request for an extension has just arrived,” Tusk wrote. “I will now start consulting the leaders of the European Union on how to react.”

Conservative Johnson was calling for an extension of the UK’s exit deadline after the London Parliament approved an amendment on Saturday delaying the vote on the Brexit deal the prime minister negotiated in Brussels.

According to the British press, Boris Johnson sent a total of 3 letters: an unsigned copy with the text of the extension law, to place the responsibility on Parliament’s shoulders, technical note and a letter to Tusk that was signed and sent that the extension represents a mistake.

Finally, he is confident that next week the legislation needed for Brexit to take place before October 31 could be approved and that a delay would be “harmful” for London and Brussels.

On Saturday, the new agreement reached with the EU was debated in the British Parliament. MPs have agreed that Johnson is calling for an extension of the term for Brexit.

The amendment, introduced by the independent Oliver Letwin, was approved in the House of Commons by 322 votes (rejected by 306 members of Parliament). The result of the vote was applauded by the thousands of people gathered in central London for a new referendum.

With the agreement rejected, the prime minister had until midnight to send the request to Brussels, which represents the third postponement of the “divorce”, under the Benn Law.

On Saturday afternoon, Boris Johnson sent a letter to British MPs telling them that an extension is not the solution to the crisis.

“Next week, this Government will introduce the necessary legislation to leave the European Union with our new big agreement on October 31,” Johnson wrote.

The amendment approved on Saturday is intended to function as a security guarantee in the event that the parliamentary negotiation of the Brexit law will not be completed until October 31 and an exit without the UK’s agreement will be avoided.


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