Boeing suspends production at its Washington plant


Boeing announced Monday that it will suspend production at its two-axle Washington-based aircraft factory as a temporary measure to combat the coronavirus epidemic.

Following a similar measure announced by European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, Boeing has indicated that operations of its production facilities in the Puget Sound region of Seattle will be halted for 14 days until March 25. During this period serious sanitation of buildings and equipment will take place.

The rapid spread of coronavirus disrupted people’s lives affected the economy and canceled the demand for air travel.

Airline operators who are Boeing customers have avoided ordering planes or paying advances, exacerbating a year-long crisis of the American aircraft manufacturer triggered by the grounding of all 737 MAX aircraft, following the crash of two aircraft. Boeing stopped the production of 737 aircraft in January.

Separately, Boeing has requested government guarantees of loans of at least $ 60 billion for the group and for US aerospace manufacturers to help the industry withstand the liquidity shortfall caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Boeing, which has about 70,000 employees in the Puget Sound region, has more than 12 confirmed coronavirus infections among its employees. An employee died of coronavirus, according to a Facebook friend’s announcement.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun said in a statement that the aircraft manufacturer is working closely with health officials, customers, suppliers and other parties who will be affected by the temporary suspension of activities.


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