Armani will produce medical suits


The founder of the brand, Giorgio Armani, has already made a donation of 2 million euros for hospitals in the peninsula, affected by the influx of patients. Creator Giorgio Armani announced on Thursday that its Italian factories will now produce protective suits for “medical personnel engaged in the fight” against the coronavirus pandemic.

The main house is in Milan, whose region is the epicenter of the pandemic in Italy.

The pandemic killed 8,200 people (of which 4,800 in Lombardy), while 3,600 are in Intensive Care, according to the latest figures.

Armani has four factories in Italy, a spokesman said. The company has transferred some of its production to countries where labor is cheaper.

Many companies in the textile sector have reoriented their production, such as the underwear brand and swimwear Calzedonia, which has now produced masks.


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