An employer from Cluj employed 22 workers from Sri Lanka. From day one, neighbors called the police


An employer from Cluj, who employed 22 legal migrants from Sri Lanka, was harassed by the residents of the area where the workers were housed. Neighbors, unhappy that the workers “ruined their streets”, signed a “petition” and made several complaints to firefighters, ITM, and Local Police.

On a street in the select Gruia district of Cluj-Napoca, with expensive villas and Porsche parked in front of the house, it is a big inconvenience: 22 Sri Lankans have been staying here for some time, during a scandal between neighbors, who harassed him. as an employer, they signed a petition and struck down all the institutions.

“Neighbors have petitioned and inspections, firefighters, ITM, Local Police have started coming. The gentlemen on the street complained, they told me that I had ruined their street, that it was a luxury area ”, said Robert Bedo, one of the restaurant owners who hired Singalese.

“They are very united,” said the owner of Sri Lankan employees. “He washes dishes if they have a lot of work and the other station does not have it, he goes to help him without telling his boss, which is not the case with the Romanians. They are united, they want to learn, they did not come here to bother, ”said Bedo.

Of the neighboring owners, 15 seem to have signed a petition to the authorities, asking for the “arbitration of their dissatisfaction”, related to the fact that in one of the buildings – a former kindergarten – there are “22 strangers with dark skin, who does not know what they are doing here and how legally they work ”, is shown in the article.

“They are a little shocked,” said, under the protection of anonymity, one of the employees of the employer. “It’s a good street, there are expensive cars on the street. People have claims from their neighbors. This is their accommodation (of the 22 Sri Lankans) because it is close to the restaurant and the conditions are quite OK. The main problem is that they are dark in color and come from another area. But my opinion is that the neighbors will calm down because people are OK. ”

Sri Lankan workers came to Cluj from a specialized company, whose director, Romulus Badea.

The racist scandal, which broke out in the past days in Ditrău, in which two Singaporean bakers were involved, has already caused concern in Sri Lanka, having reached the attention of the international press. The case turned out not to be a single one: cases of Asian workers harassed by locals were also registered in Cluj, Valcea, and Bucharest.


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