Amazon is postponing the Prime Day marketing event at least until August because of the coronavirus


The company also believes there are risks associated with sales of cloud systems in France, while another business, with video-on-demand content, could report revenues of $ 100 million higher than Amazon’s first-quarter forecast.

The world’s largest online retailer plans its activities and on the company’s rapid reaction to business risks from the new coronavirus.

Prime Day, a marketing event launched by Amazon in 2015 to stimulate sales during the summer, when shopping is stagnant, was first organized in July, but the company usually doesn’t publish the exact date long before.

The decision to postpone the event means that Amazon will have more than 5 million devices it would have to sell earlier, such as voice-controlled Echo devices. Third-party merchants, whose revenues depend on Amazon, are affected.

The company does not disclose the revenue generated by the event, but traders made a $ 2 billion contribution to sales during the 2019 edition of Prime Day, which took place over 48 hours in 18 countries.

Amazon and its employees are at the forefront of delivering essential products to consumers during the coronavirus epidemic, which has infected over 1 million people and has caused more than 54,000 deaths worldwide.

Trade unions and some US elected officials have said that Amazon is not taking enough measures to protect its employees, some of whom are at risk of getting infected in warehouses where some colleagues have become ill, while others are exposed because of handling the supplies.

Amazon has rejected calls for closure of stores, and on Thursday announced that it will provide millions of masks and check the temperature of all employees in the United States and Europe.


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