Alert in New Zealand. An airport was closed because of a suspicious package

New Zealand shooting

New Zealand police decided Sunday to shut down Dunedin airport due to the presence of a suspicious package on the runway, Reuters reports.The cops went to the scene and the genius teams analyzed the origin of the package.

The incident took place two days after the armed attacks in two mosques in New Zealand, Christchurch, with 50 dead and 50 injured.

Bulgarian authorities announced on Friday the opening of an investigation into the reason for a November voyage by the Australian extreme-right author of the attack on two mosques in New Zealand, who after visiting Bulgaria went to Romania and then to Hungary.

The 28-year-old striker, who killed at least 49 people and injured 48 others in the armed attack on two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, which he broadcast live on the internet, spent a stay in Bulgaria during the 9- November 15, 2018, Bulgaria’s general prosecutor Sotir Ţăţarov said.

The Australian right-wing extremist posted on the Internet before the attack the images of the chargers and weapons he used to inscribe texts referring, inter alia, to various events and historical figures, especially from the Balkans and the Ottoman Empire, including the Romanian ruler Serban Cantacuzino.

In his inscriptions referring to Bulgaria, he recalls, according to the Daily Mail, the battle of Belgranica in 1913, the biggest battle of the Second Balkan War, and Prince Fruzhin, a Bulgarian noble who fought against the Ottomans during the Second World War, of the Second Bulgarian Empire.

Also, as he headed for the mosque to attack, he would have played a Serbian nationalist song. Asked about this topic at a press conference, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic replied that the New Zealand attacker “has nothing to do with Serbia.” “Serbia has no connection with this, we do not ask anyone to avenged no Serbian victim in the world, “Dacic said, according to the dpa agency.” I do not know who could have inspired him. I have seen other names on the list, so ask other countries related to it, “added the Serbian officer.


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