Adrian Zuckerman WARNS Romania: “No 5G technology from Huawei”


Adrian Zuckerman, US ambassador to Bucharest, warns Romania not to use the 5G technology provided by Huawei. He says the Chinese company would spy. Adrian Zuckerman recalled that Huawei was indicted last week by the US Department of Justice for fraud and conspiracy to steal trade secrets.

“Unlike Western companies, Chinese technology firms need to share information and technology with the Chinese military or intelligence authorities. In order to keep our networks secure and to maintain our democratic values we cannot trust these companies, “said Adrian Zuckerman.

The US ambassador to Bucharest says that Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, and Qualcomm are reliable alternatives to Chinese technology. During his last visit to the White House, Klaus Iohannis signed a memorandum with Trump on 5G technology.


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