A local magazine reveals, Wuhan continues to discover asymptomatic covid-19 patients, which he does not officially report


People are still positive about the new coronavirus in Wuhan, four days after China announced that there were no new cases in its epicenter, according to a local magazine, which raises concerns about the virus spreading further. in town.

“There are still a few or a dozen asymptomatic people daily,” said an official from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, quoted in an article published Monday by Caixin magazine, referring to Persians carrying the virus, but who it has no symptoms.

“We cannot determine whether the transmission was completely interrupted in Wuhan,” said the official.

People who have contracted the virus but have no symptoms – cough, fever, muscle aches – have been reported in several countries, after the pathogen has spread to almost all the world, killing over 14,700 people and killing over 340,000.

These asymptomatic carriers seem to be able to transmit the virus to others, according to some experts, which complicates efforts to stop the spread of the disease.

Unlike other countries, such as South Korea, which records all people tested positive as confirmed cases, China does not include asymptomatic infections in the official balance sheet.

Beijing does not disclose the number of people in this category, raising fears that much of the sudden decline of last week’s new cases could be of no value.

By the end of February, more than 43,000 people were tested positive for the new coronavirus, without showing any symptoms immediately, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) released Sunday, citing classified information from the Chinese government.

Asymptomatic cases in Wuhan were discovered after patients were admitted to hospitals for medical observation, after being in close contact with confirmed cases, working in quarantine or high-risk places. exposure writes Caixin.

Once identified, they are isolated for two weeks and classified as confirmed cases in case of symptoms.

Doctors and nurses sent to Wuhan are now leaving the city after the balance of new infections has dropped to zero, but Center officials have been urged to stay for a while, as Beijing is concerned about the situation in Wuhan and the region. Hubei writes Caixin.

Iceland – which said it tested a larger proportion of residents than any other country – found that almost half of those tested positive had no symptoms of covid-19, Icelandic chief epidemiologist Thorolfur Gudnason told BuzzFeed News.

According to data obtained by the SCMP, one-third of the people tested positive in China at the time had symptoms with delay or not at all.


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