A few thousand people are protesting in Victory Square – Bucharest


Protesters Bucharest

Several thousand people are protesting at Victorian Square this hour against the emergency ordinance amending the laws of justice. There is also a gendarme in the area, which has fences in the market. Manifestoants chant “Thieves!”, “Justice, not corruption!”, “Resignation”, “PSD, red plague”. Road traffic was closed on Kiseleff Road.

On one of the buildings around Victoria Square was designed the message: “This is our country, it is not your estate”

Next, groups of people arrive in the market. Among the demonstrators are also members of the USR.

And in Cluj-Napoca they are protesting a few thousand people.

Hundreds of people also protest in Cluj, Timisoara, Sibiu, Bacau.

The protesters call for the repeal of OUG 7 that changes the laws of justice, but also the government’s resignation and early elections.

Civic Movements Kicking Corruption, Geeks for Democracy, Romania Initiative and Resistance announced a protest Sunday 18 to 23.59 in Victory Square against the OUG that amends the laws of justice.

Magistrates in the capital and several cities across the country protested Friday on changes to the laws of justice, calling for the independence of the judiciary. At the same time, the activity of prosecutor’s offices in cities such as Constanta, Pitesti, Iasi and Timisoara will be suspended for several days next week in protest.


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