A bank in the Netherlands is planting a tree for every 100 euros spent on its new card


Bunq, a fin-tech startup in the Netherlands, has launched a metal card called the Green Card and offers a special type of “cashback”. For every 100 euros you spend, Bunq plants a tree. The company has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to finance reforestation around the globe.

Making a metal book is not really environmentally friendly, but the company says it is made from recyclable material. This is why the Green Card expires after six years instead of four, as is usually the case with bank cards.

“With the Green Card Bunq, we decided to help with the reforestation in Madagascar. The island nation experienced some of the worst forest losses of any country on earth, where over 90% of Madagascar’s original forests were destroyed.

This has real consequences for the unique wildlife that lives there, as 75% of the animal species found in Madagascar are nowhere else in the world, ”say fintech representatives.

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to provide fair wages to poor villagers as agents of global forest restoration. The NGO says it is hiring the poorest of the poor to grow, plant and maintain the forest of native species to maturity.

By 2025, its goal is to plant at least 500 million trees every year. The project started in 2004 in Ethiopia, and has since expanded to Madagascar in 2007, Haiti in 2010, Nepal in 2015, Indonesia in 2017 and Mozambique in 2018. In total, the NGO has so far raised over 265 million trees in 82 places.


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