5G will support more than 10% of global mobile connections by 2023


According to the new Cisco Internet Report, 5G will support more than 10% of global mobile connections by 2023. The 5G average speed will be 575 megabits per second or 13 times faster than the average mobile connection. Due to its advanced performance capabilities, 5G will deliver more dynamic mobile infrastructure for emerging AI and IoT applications, including stand-alone machines, smart cities, digital healthcare, immersive video content and more.

Over the last 50 years, every decade a new mobile technology and cutting-edge innovations have been launched. The requirements for mobile bandwidth have evolved from voice calls and text messages to high definition video (UHD) and various augmented reality / virtual reality (AR / VR) applications. Consumers and business users around the world are constantly meeting new demands and expectations for mobile networks. This trend is most evident through the adoption and use of mobile applications. Social networks, streaming and video content downloads, business productivity, e-commerce, and the gaming industry will drive mobile applications to grow, with nearly 300 billion downloaded applications by 2023.

“Our research reveals the growing number of Internet users. , devices, connections and greater network pressure than we could have imagined, “said Roland Acra, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Cisco.” The information and knowledge presented in our annual Internet report help companies, governments and service providers around the world to prepare and secure their networks to cope with the continuous growth of connections and applications. Strategic planning and partnerships will be essential for all organizations to leverage technological innovation and investment. ”

The Cisco Annual Internet Report is a global, regional, and country-level forecast/analysis that assesses digital transformation and is developed by the same team of analysts who created the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) report. The report presents data on fixed-band, Wi-Fi and mobile networks (3G and lower connections, 4G, 5G). Quantitative projections are offered on increasing the number of Internet users, devices and connections, as well as information on network performance. Qualitative analyses and evaluations are also provided in four strategic areas: applications, security, infrastructure transformation, and employee and team accountability.


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